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“I just wanted to thank you and Steve for all the recommendations and the great advertising opportunity thru Best Beef Jerky. We really appreciate all the great feedback that you have given us over the years. We credit your site as the primary source for our new sales. Customers have told us they have read about our jerky on your site many times. Customer look to your site as the go to place to find out about great products!!!
Thanks again for all you help and support.”
~ Dave and Cara Weinrich, Crazy Horse Jerky


“After the death of my husband I needed some help with our small business. I knew Sash and Steve from several Facebook pages. Did some research and contacted Sash about helping me promote my business through social media and updating my website. Sash did a great job getting my name and product out there through Facebook and other forums. Steve reworked my website and I immediately begin to get more hits. Sash promoted my product everywhere. She had several reviews done for me. My FB page began to get more hits and sales picked up. Sash and Steve listened to what I wanted to do and knew exactly what I needed. I highly recommend them. They know social media and how to use it to maximize your product. Good job Guys. Thank you so much!” ~ Priscilla Griffith, ProGuards Crash Bar Protectors


“I hired Sash and Steve to help me learn how to be an effective blogger. I learned all sorts of awesome techniques that helped me gain more traffic. The most important thing I learned though was how to be myself through my writing. Sash and Steve helped me learn that I am awesome just the way I am. Instead of trying to change my writing style to please my followers. The more and more I wrote the way I really spoke…the more followers and traffic I began to have. I suddenly became empowered and my true identity shined through my business. I couldn’t be happier with the strength and knowledge I gained from working with such wonderful people. I highly recommend Too Much Tina to ANYONE who needs help with website design, marketing, business authenticity, and blogging.” ~ Jenny Griffith, Wild Vedic Living


“Thanks for the great marketing presentation yesterday at 12 Marketing Mistakes you are Making. You’re very focused, organized, start strong and close strong. I picked up some good pointers that I will start using immediately.” ~ Charlene Brasch


“Thanks Sash & Steve for a great training session.” – Colleen Morehouse, Realtor


“I loved your class today! I learn so much from you every time we meet!” – Ruth Bol, Pediatric Dentist and owner Childrens Dental Practice


“What a great day! Thank you so much Too Much Tina for all you’ve taught me! I just keep learning!” ~ Michelle Wylie, Massage Therapist and owner Menifee Massage Therapy Center


“Great Workshop, Sash Walker is awesome!” ~ Jennifer Walker, Operations Manager, Rilynn Company, Inc.


“I want you guys to write everything for me, from now on. 🙂 Nice job. Thanks Sash. 🙂 xoxo” ~ Jim Nielsen, President, Jimmy’s Sticky Jerky, LLC.


“Thank you Sash & Steve for a fantastic job on the Media Kit!! You two are an amazing team!” Kimberly Betts, Event Massage Services