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Project Description

Mobile Screen Repair fixes and installs screen windows, screen doors, pet doors, and a variety of other related products to homes throughout Southern California.

They have a previously existing website which the client created using the Site Builder tool on GoDaddy. We identified numerous website design flaws which were the result of the Site Builder tool. The client felt concerned that their website did not rank well on Google for their primary location of Corona, CA.

They were also experiencing a drop in business and needed some help finding new customers.

Website: We suggested building a new website from scratch on a new domain name “” which should help them rank better for their community. We chose a beautiful WordPress template and customized it for their business. We created several product pages and services pages, each of which should help them capture some search engine traffic, thereby increasing their overall traffic share.

Increasing Customers: We had a contact who worked for one of the large property management companies and was able to get the client a meeting with an HOA. We created a offer letter whereby the client would offer discounted screen repair services in exchange for becoming one of their recommended contractors.

Project Details

Skills Needed: