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Project Description

Based in San Diego, CA, LulaWaves is an authorized LulaRoe clothing distributor. Founded by Ashtin Brooke, the brand sells its line of wear through a weekly series of Facebook Live Events.

Because of Ashtin’s unique talents at running these events and creating beautiful color imagery, she has built a successful following of fans who buy her products and has inspired many other women to join in on the LulaRoe craze.

Ashtin needed a professional looking website that matched her success as a LulaRoe clothing distributor.

We built a website on the WordPress platform using an e-commerce model. But because LulaRoe products can only be sold through person-to-person, or via Facebook Live Events, each product in the catalog is linked to Ashtin’s Facebook Page with instructions on how to participate in the Live Events.

Project Details

Skills Needed: