Event Massage Services

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Project Description

Event Massage Services facilitates onsite chair massage at workplaces and trade shows all over Southern California. They bring in massage chairs and massage therapists to relieve stress and put employees and show attendees in a relaxed state.

The company was up against a lot of tough competition, but set their sights on convention centers.

Too Much Tina was hired to take over their social media, create a new media kit, and manage their website.

Social Media: Client’s existing Facebook cover photo didn’t state what they do. We created a more explanatory cover photo. Their previous attempts at social media was rather sparse. We stepped in and liked hundreds of other companies on Facebook that might take interest in their service and boosted interaction with them. We immediately attracted a new client inquiry within a week.

Media Kit: Event Massage Services had been using a small brochure to hand to potential clients. We recommended a Media Kit and designed a beautiful template with easy to read marketing copy.

Website: We identified numerous areas where their existing website could be improved, particularly in the area of keyword density, use of images, and more self-explanatory slider images.


Media Kit Pages we created

Website Slider Images we created

Facebook Cover Photo we created

facebook cover photo