Crab Terror Island

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Project Description

Crab Terror Island is a clothing brand that caters to modern women with an eye towards adventure and uniqueness. The company creates very limited edition items (20-30 quantity max) and then never produces them again. Hence, being unique with an artistic, limited edition character, is important.

Too Much Tina was hired to help the company develop a marketing plan, a social media strategy, and build an online store.

The website needed to reflect the brand’s target demographic, showcase its designs, and express it’s flair for uniqueness, adventure, and can-do attitude.

The marketing plan and social media strategy needed to focus down to a very limited, very niche audience, that would help the company grow a loyal fan base and then branch out through a viral marketing seed.

Since then, Too Much Tina went on to develop flyers and e-mail newsletter templates for Crab Terror Island.