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Project Description

Cosmic Core is an online educational resource in the study of Cosmic Geometry, taught by Rachel Hoadley. Rachel is an artist who draws and paints utilizing principles of Cosmic Geometry.

Cosmic Core had been a long time goal of hers to teach people about the mathematics ingrained into the Universe and how humanity has translated them into their cultures. Her immediate goal is to present a series of articles that visitors can access for free, with an eye towards one day offering premium content and even online courses.

Cosmic Core also has a sister website, Art4Infinity, which showcases Rachel artwork.

Because the two websites compliment each other, we design both with a similar look and feel, but with different theme colors so that visitors could tell them apart.

We designed Cosmic-Core so that her articles look clean and easy to read. We also designed Table of Contents pages so that visitors could easily scan to topics that interest them, and so that Rachel herself could easily update.

Project Details

Skills Needed: