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Project Description

Apex Conveyor Manufacturing builds parts and components for conveyor belts, roller tables, and other systems that move products down the line. Based in Murrieta, CA, they manufacture the pieces other manufacturers buy to assemble full scale conveyor systems. Apex’s customers are parts wholesalers, not necessarily conveyor consumers.

Apex’s previous website was incomplete, missing several product pages. It also used an old design that made the company look amateurish. Apex wanted a website that looked modern, corporate, but still evoking the sense that they’re a manufacturing plant. They also wanted to get all of their products featured, and provide visitors with a way to download product sheets. Lastly, they wanted the website aimed at parts wholesalers, not buyers of conveyor systems.

The company also had been using on an old e-mail server that took up to 30 minutes to deliver an e-mail from one person to another.

We built them a website on WordPress, set up beautifully design sliders, and a product portfolio with downloadable data sheets in PDF format. We also published the text from the data sheets on to each portfolio page so that it could be indexed by Google. We design the website with the parts wholesaler in mind. We also set up a new e-mail server that delivers intra-office communication instantly.

Project Details

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