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Project Description

Alaska Smiles is a family dental clinic based in Anchorage, Alaska. Dr. Brett Johnson, the clinic’s new owner, purchased the dental business after it’s previous owner passed away, and hired Too Much Tina to make changes to its website, as well as take over its social media efforts and weekly blog postings.

Dr. Johnson wanted the clinic’s website to continue with it’s family focus, but also wanted to reflect an active lifestyle, with an emphasis on health and beauty. Dr. Johnson is also an Alaskan native, and wanted the website reflect his love for his home state.

We used large, full-width video depicting the grand, pristine beauty of Alaska on the website’s homepage. The other pages also included video, but used scenes that were more subdued so that they wouldn’t detract too much attention from content. We also made the website responsive to mobile devices, and made sure all phone numbers and street addresses were tappable on mobile phones.

In addition to depicting the beauty of Alaska, and Dr. Johnson’s vision for active lifestyles, we also wanted the website to reflect cleanliness, using a lot of white backgrounds, and even going so far as to depict images of the clinic in clean, sharp, detail.

For its social media, Alaska Smiles had previously focused primarily on posting memes that advocated dental care. We switched away from that and developed a new strategy designed to cultivate interaction. For its blog postings, we reviewed dozens of other high-ranking dental clinics to see what topics and subjects generated better interaction on Facebook, and then coordinated with Dr. Johnson to develop unique, custom written blog postings. Dr. Johnson’s wife is a professional photographer, thus we obtained hundreds of her original photos for use with the blog.

Project Details

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