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Marketing Consulting

We will identify your “Unique Selling Proposition” to determine your target demographic, and create a plan that will attract quality customers and build your brand. We will determine how and where you should be using social media, pay-per-click advertising, print advertising, local events, and other forms of marketing to get your name out.

Our marketing consulting services includes a weekly phone call to identify progress, set tasks, and make adjustments.

marketing consulting

Sash goes over a marketing plan

Website Design

A website should reflect your brand, and your target demographic.

We design websites that convey your message in both text and imagery. First impressions count, a lot. And when it comes to websites, that first impression has to count within seconds. Our website design team has been designing websites for marketing purposes since 1997. 

Websites are not just about the bells and whistles. It’s about conveying the right message, quickly.

Steve shooting photos for a website build

Steve shooting photos for a website build

Social Media

Social media marketing is more than just getting more followers. It’s about getting them engaged.

We’ve learned the techniques in building interaction among followers to create a vibrant community of passionate fans. Many buisnesses thrive from their social media marketing, and so can yours. We’ll determine if Facebook is right for you, or if Twitter is better, or even Instagram. All have their pros and cons. We can manage paid placements, and design effective cover images.

Sash works on client social media

Print Marketing

Even in today’s digital age, print still goes a long ways.

You need a memorable business card. You need informational brochures. You need postcard mailers. You need flyers to hand out. We’ve designed them all for our clients, and they are still effective. We create print materials that draw people in. We place key pieces of information where they expect to find them. The eye wants to land on something and we know how to use that great effect. We’ll handle the design and printing, and ship the materials to you.

Front side brochure we designed for a client


At the heart of great marketing is a well crafted sentence.

Sometimes it’s just a great tagline or a great nickname. Other times its two conflicting words that jogs your imagination. We spend countless hours coming up with the right words and phrases to craft your message. You need something that people can remember and yet leave enough room for the imagination. While other marketing companies have gone dry on the written word, we still stake our name on it. 

Samples of our writing


You have to get your message out somehow. Let us craft the advertising for you.

We design print advertising and online advertising. We will get them placed in publications, websites, social media, and more. Advertising can also be attending events, curating product reviews, posting flyers. We will work with you to determine what forms of advertising work best and where to get them placed.

Full page ads that we designed