Don’t Do What You Love

We've all heard the advice, If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life," or "Do what you love and the money will follow." This is bad advice, at least for creative people building a small business. It sounds great, right? Doing what you love, selling your creations, being paid to do the thing you enjoy spending time on. How could there [...]

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5 Ways To Rev Up Your Social Media Strategy

You're doing it all for your small business; making the products, doing the bookkeeping, managing social media, shipping products, etc. You're overwhelmed with everything you have to do. But the customers aren't showing up and your social media isn't growing a following. You're stuck. What do you do? Where in the world do you start? There is so much information in the Wild Wild Web about marketing [...]

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One Size Does Not Fit All

I've never had much luck with anything that is one-size-fits-all. With clothing it has never worked because I've always been rubenesque (a nice word for curvy) and short, very short. When we were in Hawaii all of the sarongs I could find were one-size-fits-all. Long story short, I had to buy two of each color. Of course, this applies to more than clothing. You see it everywhere [...]

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How to Turn Yourself Into a Commodity

"$75.00" for a hoodie?" a friend of mine asked. She was looking at products that one of our clients sells. And sure, if you normally shop at big box stores like Kohl's or Target, $75.00 is a lot of money for a hoodie. But our client is not just selling a hoodie. She's selling herself. And in a relatively short amount of time, she's managed to build [...]

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How Quora Can Boost Your Marketing

Quora is a question and answer style of social media. Think of it as the B2C platform, whereas LinkedIn is the B2B. I've been a casual user since 2011, but when I learned that it has enjoyed a boom of new users recently, I decided to step up my participation with answering other people's questions. As it turns out, you can build your brand by answering questions [...]

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$250 For Referring New Clients

  That's right! Send us a client for a website build, a website redesign or a website for yourself and we will pay you $250. It's that easy! Simply send an email to Sash@TooMuchTina with contact information or to ask any questions. This offer ends on January 31, 2015, so do it right away. Conditions: Full 5 page website or website rebuild must be purchased. Upon Too [...]

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Women Riders Weekend Bash Set for October 9-12, 2015 in Crystal River, FL

Click the flyer to download! Road Queen USA is hosting a four-day event celebrating female motorcyclists through rides, parties, and sisterhood in a charitable run for America’s needy.  Road Queen USA is hosting a special weekend event designed to bring women motorcycle riders together for fun and friendships. Scheduled for October 9-12, 2015 in Crystal River, FL, female motorcyclists will enjoy garage parties, meet-n-greets, presentations, live bands, [...]

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5 Lessons We Learn From Bad Public Figures

Sash with Mayor of San Diego Bob Filner in 2012 I wrote this article about hiring a Public Relations Strategist for Brand Management on November 19, 2013. These lessons repeat themselves in the press time and time again. Brand health is crucial for any business with a public face. In every industry we see leaders face controversy. Often they take legal advice as to how [...]

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BuzzFeed and The Bacon Cheez-It Turkey Stuffing

Thanksgiving 2011 Steve and I decided to do a new twist on an old standard. Because we were being creative with our marketing and fun-loving, BuzzFeed actually picked up OUR article and included it in their article "9 Unforgivable Things You Should Never Do to a Turkey!" We were not offended in the slightest; in fact, we were thrilled! This brought a great deal of traffic to our [...]

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How Much to Charge For Your Services

Do you know how much to charge for your services?  Concerned about charging too much or not enough? Here's are tips to help you determine a fair market price... What do you need to earn to cover your expenses?  This should be your first step. What is your competition charging? You can post a question on Reddit by going into the appropriate Subreddit and flat out asking. [...]

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