5 Ways To Rev Up Your Social Media Strategy

You're doing it all for your small business; making the products, doing the bookkeeping, managing social media, shipping products, etc. You're overwhelmed with everything you have to do. But the customers aren't showing up and your social media isn't growing a following. You're stuck. What do you do? Where in the world do you start? There is so much information in the Wild Wild Web about marketing [...]

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Why Business Cards are Still Your Most Important Marketing Tool

Seriously, you ask? Business cards? Yes, even to this day when everyone has a LinkedIn, a Facebook, an Instagram, even a G-mail, the business card is still what people ask for most often, and is still the most effective form of marketing. Just the other day, I returned to the town where I had run a successful hyperlocal news publication for many years to attend a funeral. [...]

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Blogger Can Save Writers $250.00 a Month Over WordPress

If your goal is weighted more towards publishing your writings and/or marketing yourself as an expert, as opposed to selling products or running a forum, you should consider using Blogger as your platform instead of WordPress. Yes, Blogger... Keep in mind, Blogger has been greatly improved over the years, and now there are tons of third-party plugins and templates for it. Today, it's hard to tell if [...]

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10 Ways to Boost Your Dental Business Online

Dental marketing has really accelerated online in recent years due to intense competition. Sure, you have a website and a Facebook page, but so do most of the other dentists in your area. Don't let your dental business suffer due to lack of information! Here's a list of ten ideas on how to stay competitive online... 1. Subscribe to Help a Reporter Out: Help a Reporter Out [...]

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How Quora Can Boost Your Marketing

Quora is a question and answer style of social media. Think of it as the B2C platform, whereas LinkedIn is the B2B. I've been a casual user since 2011, but when I learned that it has enjoyed a boom of new users recently, I decided to step up my participation with answering other people's questions. As it turns out, you can build your brand by answering questions [...]

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Why Are So Many Seniors Using Bing?

There's something of a phenomenon in the Internet world that often gets overlooked. Bing gets a lot of use from seniors. For the purposes of this article, I'm defining seniors as ages 55+. The reason why so many seniors use Microsoft Bing for searching the Internet is because they don't normally customize their computer desktops. Rather, they use what comes bundled with their computers, and whatever is [...]

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Improve Your SEO by Getting a Faster Server

While many SEO experts are advising clients to improve their "page speed", it seems a more important factor is being overlooked: "time to first byte" (TTFB). TTFB is the amount of time it takes for a server to deliver its first byte of information. For all intents and purposes, this is how long it takes for a website to deliver its first bytes of data when someone [...]

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Marketing The Motorcycle Industry

Helping business owners in the motorcycle industry to grow their visibility and customer base is my favorite thing to do. I love owning a business that helps others be productive, make money and work for themselves. What we do is market these businesses and gain them visibility. Whether it is online, print, or on the air, we work to get them seen by their potential customers. Not [...]

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This Webpage Is Not Available

Are you aware your website is down? Seeing the words, "This webpage is not available" can be alarming when you visit your own website. The first thing you ask yourself is, "what happened?" The second thing you ask yourself, "how long has it been down?" If you're like most normal business people, you don't check your website. You assume it's up and running. After all, you paid [...]

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Too Much Tina Will Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

This month, Google began sending out notices to website owners that their websites are not "mobile friendly", and that by April 21, 2015, their websites will be dropped down in search engine rankings for mobile users. What this means is that when people search for something on Google from their phone or tablet, your website will be dropped further down the listings, in favor of websites that are [...]

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