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Building an Emergency Website

When my phone rang, I looked at it and noticed it was someone I had built a website for many years ago, and it was many years that I last heard from him. It turned out he had an immediate dilemma. He had just launched a new business, one that was seeking investors, and he had already put out dozens of calls to prospective hopefuls. Then all [...]

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Supported Self Publishing Announced!

Too Much Tina officially announced its Supported Self Publishing services today. Authors looking to become self-published can now hire Too Much Tina to help them edit, produce, and market their books. "The author keeps the copyright", says Sash Walker, president of Too Much Tina. "We believe that authors should benefit the most from their work instead of getting only pennies on the dollar from legacy publishing." Too Much [...]

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Remove Bad Yelp Reviews – New Booklet Published

How to remove bad Yelp reviews is the subject of a new booklet published by Too Much Tina. "Help with Yelp" is a 40+ page PDF document that that contains tips on how to remove bad Yelp reviews, unfilter good reviews, and create an environment that attracts more 4 and 5 star reviews. "Out Yelp Help manual is based on our years of hands-on use of Yelp's [...]

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