Blogger Can Save Writers $250.00 a Month Over WordPress

//Blogger Can Save Writers $250.00 a Month Over WordPress

If your goal is weighted more towards publishing your writings and/or marketing yourself as an expert, as opposed to selling products or running a forum, you should consider using Blogger as your platform instead of WordPress.

Yes, Blogger…

Keep in mind, Blogger has been greatly improved over the years, and now there are tons of third-party plugins and templates for it. Today, it’s hard to tell if the website you’re looking at was done on WordPress or Blogger…

Automatic Updates: Every time Blogger updates it’s code, it’s automatically rolled out and installed for you. You don’t have to remember to update anything. It’s done for you.

Fully Secure: There’s no way for a hacker to get in through some kind of faulty coding or backdoor, which is SO common with WordPress. Blogger is the most secure publishing platform we’ve ever encountered. The only way a hacker could get in is if they figure out your login and password.

Always Backed Up: Blogger automatically makes backups of your website. And if something should happen to Blogger’s servers, they automatically restore your website. You don’t have to do a thing. WordPress, on the other hand, requires you to manually backup your site, and it costs money to have a backup system, and you have to manually restore your website.

Constant Up Time: Blogger’s servers never go down. This is because Blogger is owned by Google, and is hosted on Google’s massive server architecture. WordPress requires you to obtain your own hosting, and many of these hosts have gone down., however, is a WordPress host that tends to stay online, and is why they are so popular. Blogger just never goes down.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Your Blogger site is always fast because it’s hosted on the fastest architecture there is: Google. If somehow, your site were to get mentioned on Oprah, or on the home page of Yahoo, fear not. Blogger gives you as much bandwidth as you need, and it’s automatic. Blogger senses your incoming traffic and adjusts right away. Most WordPress sites are hosted on shared servers, which are suitable only for small traffic. If you have lots of traffic, you will be billed extra for going over your bandwidth limits. If you’re hit with a surge of overnight popularity, your server may actually go down.

Automated CDN: Content delivery networks (CDN) are now the hottest thing in improving your website speed. Blogger automatically hosts your blog’s photos on Google Photos, and is free. So, your webpages can load independently of its photos, thus improving your Page Speed Score. WordPress, however, requires you to implement a CDN through a plugin, and then you have to pay extra to host the photos on that CDN server.

Free Hosting: All Blogger sites are hosted on Blogger’s servers, which remain free. You pay no hosting fees. In fact, you pay nothing at all for a Blogger site. That’s because it’s a part of Google, and Google makes tons of stuff for free.

Built-In Antispam: Blogger has one of the best antispam technologies we’ve seen, thanks to Google. Spam comments are automatically detected and moved into a spam folder. WordPress doesn’t come with antispam; you have to install a plugin, and all the best antispam plugins cost money.

Third Party Integration: Blogger sites can integrate with third party tools, such as Disqus for commenting, and Mailchimp for building mailing lists. There are also hundreds of small, indie developers that have built plugins that display latest comments, or import your Instagram photos. You can also embed PayPal buttons to create a limited e-commerce store.

You Can Show Ads: Blogger let’s you run your AdSense ads, and ads from other networks. You can also use affiliate links, or sell your own ads., however, doesn’t let you display ads, except for its own, in-house, ad network, unless you pay extra for a business plan. If you want unlimited freedom to show ads and affiliate links on your WordPress site, you have to host it on another web hosting provider.

Fully Customizable: Blogger lets you customize your blog fully. It offers website builder tools if you want to customize one of Blogger’s native templates, or and it lets you get into the code and make tweaks. Blogger gives you access to its API so that you can design your own template from scratch. There are also thousands of professionally built templates for sale on hundreds of template shopping sites.

Use Your Own Domain Name: You don’t have to have a * domain. You can register your own domain name, and use it on Blogger. Sending and receiving e-mail using your domain is a little more cumbersome, however. The way most people do it is by modifying the MX record at their domain name registrar and pointing it to Google’s new “GSuite” service.

Supports JQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap: If you’re a developer, and you want your website to look at hot as the latest WordPress sites, you can make it happen in Blogger. You will have to, however, host those scripts and css files on another server, because Blogger’s security requirements prohibit you from uploading them.

So Why Don’t More People Use Blogger?

A lot of people actually do.

There are more Blogger sites than WordPress sites.

However, many of these sites are redundant, duplicative, and some cases just plain junk. This is because Blogger is free to use, with few rules and limitations, and so much power, that millions of impoverished people in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, etc., depend on it as their publishing platform. The meager earnings they get from AdSense is enough to buy food and supplies in these countries.

But also, Blogger was the technology that invented blogging, and as such, is always the target of criticism from open-source competitors, namely WordPress and Drupal. And it’s Blogger’s fault for being so slow at improving its offerings. WordPress, on the other hand, has been very quick to adopt emerging technologies due to is open source architecture, and hence is popular with techies. But over the years, Blogger has caught up and is now capable of producing websites that look so amazing, that the argument for WordPress is diminishing.

Another thing, is that Blogger was intended as a platform for writing. It wasn’t meant for e-commerce stores, corporate sites, or forums. Even though, those are all possible to do on Blogger, they are better suited for WordPress.

Does Too Much Tina Use Blogger?

All the time.

We have several blogs that we operate on Blogger. Best Beef Jerky and Sash Mouth are a couple. We also operate sites on WordPress, including the one you’re reading, and our travel site, Road Pickle. We have built client sites both on Blogger and WordPress.

How Much Money Can You Save Using Blogger?

A lot.

We built a website on Blogger for a news organization called, “Menifee 24/7“. They get tons of traffic each day because they serve a population close to 100,000 residents, along with 1,000s more who moved away and still want to hear about the news.

They could be spending as much as $250.00 a month if they used WordPress…

  • $50.00 a month for high-bandwidth, WordPress-focused hosting.
  • $50.00 a month for high-bandwidth, CDN
  • $30.00 a month for mid-level WordPress security
  • $30.00 a month for WordPress backup system
  • $50.00 a month for an IT professional for troubleshooting and maintenance
  • $5.00 a month for premium antispam service
  • $50.00 a year for software updates to premium theme and plugins

Can I Move My Site From WordPress to Blogger?

Yes. Blogger has an import function, and WordPress has an export function, so that the two can migrate back and forth.

However, if your WordPress site is already well-established, it’s not worth it. This is because the URL link structure of your WordPress site will change, meaning you will lose much of your inbound SEO. Even though 301 redirects and canonical tags can help mitigate that loss, Blogger doesn’t allow uploading additional files and pages to facilitate them.

If your WordPress site has very little inbound linking, or is relatively new, then migrating to Blogger is quite doable.

But only migrate to Blogger if your goal is to focus on writing and/or marketing yourself as an expert. You can still sell products and services on a Blogger site through the use of PayPal buttons, as long as what you’re selling is limited to a handful of items.

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