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Introducing Too Much Tina

Too Much Tina is a marketing company founded in 2012, owned and operated by a wife-and-husband team.  We define ourselves from the competition by getting your demographic excited about you.  We don’t just build a website, we build a website that attracts visitors.  We don’t just manage your social media, we interact with others and start conversation.  We don’t just write blog posts, we write material that engages readers.  Our job isn’t just to do a job, but to make you successful.  If you’re not successful, then we’re not successful.  Too Much Tina combines the unique tandem of Sash Walker, a gutsy, fiery, woman extraordinaire with a “can do, never fail” attitude, and Steve Johnson, one of the pioneers of Internet marketing and all around computer geek.

Our Core Principles

Moving full throttle into the 21st Century, Too Much Tina combines the marketing savvy and the Internet savvy of its two founders to deliver tons of marketing horsepower to its customers. We put a heightened focus on customer service, pay attention to client needs, and deliver results on time.
We believe in the adages of “Simple is Better” and “Less is More”. We believe that word of mouth carries the greatest value in marketing and we rely on our network contacts to spread the message of our clients. We also believe in first impressions, and the importance of strong brands.
Our clients can rely on us to deliver services of such a high quality, with focused customer service, on time and on budget, that they’ll want to recommend us to their colleagues. Most of our business comes from referrals and repeat clients, and only because of the high level of service we provide.
It’s unacceptable for any business to not deliver on its projects, hence we are committed to delivering the services to you on time without compromising on quality. Because our name is on it, you can rest assured that we will meet your deadlines.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you Sash & Steve for a fantastic job on the Media Kit!! You two are an amazing team!”
Kimberly Betts, Event Massage Services
“Your Yelp Help booklet works Tina! I raised my Yelp rating from 1.5 stars to 4 stars!”
“I want you guys to write everything for me, from now on. 🙂 Nice job. Thanks Sash. 🙂 xoxo”
“What a great day! Thank you so much Too Much Tina for all you’ve taught me! I just keep learning!”
“Thanks for the great marketing presentation yesterday at 12 Marketing Mistakes you are Making. You’re very focused, organized, start strong and close strong. I picked up some good pointers that I will start using immediately.”
Charlene Brasch, Charper Design

Meet Our Team

Sash Walker
Sash WalkerPresident, founder
Sash founded Too Much Tina after spending a year managing sales and marketing for Clear Digital Media, Inc. Prior to then, handled advertising sales and account management for Country Review Magazine, a local publication in Temecula, CA. She has written articles for Menifee 24/7, 951 Magazine, Bear Creek Chronicle, and Mademoiselle Magazine. She self-published an autobiography in 2015, “Rude Biker Chick: Lessons From My Daddy“. Follow Sash on her personal blog, “Sash Mouth!
Steve Johnson
Steve JohnsonDeveloper, founder
As a teenager, Steve was writing software, hacking into computer systems, and running his own electronic bulletin boards. He started his first commercial website venture, Interment.net, in 1997. He founded Clear Digital Media, Inc. in 2005 as an Internet media company. In 2012 he co-founded Too Much Tina with Sash. Follow Steve on his personal blog, “Motorcycle Philosophy“.

Websites We Own & Operate

Too Much Tina also publishes websites of its own. These are used to build a following of loyal readers in the motorcycle community while allowing us to remain up to date in the Internet marketing and publishing world.

  • California Road Trip: Where to ride your motorcycle to in California! Great weekend destination ideas for motorcycle riders in California.
  • Sashmouth!: Sash’s personal blog
  • Rude Biker Chick: Sash’s book website
  • Road Pickle: Roads, restaurants, and places to go on your motorcycle across the United States
California Road Trip

California Road Trip




rude biker chick

Rude Biker Chick Book


road pickle

Road Pickle

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