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5 Ways To Rev Up Your Social Media Strategy

You're doing it all for your small business; making the products, doing the bookkeeping, managing social media, shipping products, etc. You're overwhelmed with everything you have to do. But the customers aren't showing up and your social media isn't growing a following. You're stuck. What do you do? Where in the world do you start? There is so much information in the Wild Wild Web about marketing [...]

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One Size Does Not Fit All

I've never had much luck with anything that is one-size-fits-all. With clothing it has never worked because I've always been rubenesque (a nice word for curvy) and short, very short. When we were in Hawaii all of the sarongs I could find were one-size-fits-all. Long story short, I had to buy two of each color. Of course, this applies to more than clothing. You see it everywhere [...]

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