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Sash Meets Cute Australian Biker

While stopped at a truck stop in Nebraska, Steve and Sash met fellow rider Liam Alrich  traveling cross country on his Yamaha V Star 650. With barely a course plotted and a plan, Liam is riding on by the seat of his pants. Sash was really impressed with his attitude and courage while Steve and Liam talked bikes, roads and shared stories of motorcycling experiences. Find Liam on [...]

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How to Break Out of the Social Media Scroll

We all know about the "social media scroll". It's when you're on break and you're checking LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, et al. And you're just scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, looking for stuff that interests you. So how many people are scrolling past your Facebook post without ever actually seeing it? How much money are you paying to Facebook to promote your post, only to have it fall prey [...]

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How Much to Charge For Your Services

Do you know how much to charge for your services?  Concerned about charging too much or not enough? Here's are tips to help you determine a fair market price... What do you need to earn to cover your expenses?  This should be your first step. What is your competition charging? You can post a question on Reddit by going into the appropriate Subreddit and flat out asking. [...]

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