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Is Someone Stealing Your Images?

How do you find out if someone is stealing your images? Google can tell you! Google has robots with the ability to look at an image and find others that look just like it. This makes it easier find out if someone has published your photos and images without your consent. Here's how...     Step 1. Use the "site:" operator to limit search results from just [...]

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How to Use Reddit for Marketing

Using Reddit for marketing purposes can produce a windfall of exposure for your product or service, if you know how to leverage it right. Otherwise, Reddit continues to be a perplexing animal for marketing types, uncertain of what it is, what it can do, and its reputation for negative users. But Reddit is actually a wonderful exercise in marketing principles. It teaches you how to target your [...]

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Which Social Media Network is Best for Marketing?

What is the best social media network to market your business? That largely depends on your demographic. We've found that business-to-business companies (B2B) are better off marketing on LinkedIn. But it still depends on the industry. Tech companies seem to market well on LinkedIn, while manufacturing companies do better on Twitter. Companies with a higher male focus tend to market better on LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook tends [...]

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