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Steve became a computer geek in 1981 when we got his first Radio Shack computer, but didn't start riding motorcycles until he entered college in 1984. Today, he's the website developer and content writer for Too Much Tina, and still loves riding motorcycles. Follow his travels on Google +.
It's good enough for government work!

Why Are So Many Seniors Using Bing?

There's something of a phenomenon in the Internet world that often gets overlooked. Bing gets a lot of use from seniors. For the purposes of this article, I'm defining seniors as ages 55+. The reason why so many seniors use Microsoft Bing for searching the Internet is because they don't normally customize their computer desktops. Rather, they use what comes bundled with their computers, and whatever is [...]

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Improve Your SEO by Getting a Faster Server

While many SEO experts are advising clients to improve their "page speed", it seems a more important factor is being overlooked: "time to first byte" (TTFB). TTFB is the amount of time it takes for a server to deliver its first byte of information. For all intents and purposes, this is how long it takes for a website to deliver its first bytes of data when someone [...]

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Women Riders Weekend Bash Set for October 9-12, 2015 in Crystal River, FL

Click the flyer to download! Road Queen USA is hosting a four-day event celebrating female motorcyclists through rides, parties, and sisterhood in a charitable run for America’s needy.  Road Queen USA is hosting a special weekend event designed to bring women motorcycle riders together for fun and friendships. Scheduled for October 9-12, 2015 in Crystal River, FL, female motorcyclists will enjoy garage parties, meet-n-greets, presentations, live bands, [...]

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Too Much Tina Will Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

This month, Google began sending out notices to website owners that their websites are not "mobile friendly", and that by April 21, 2015, their websites will be dropped down in search engine rankings for mobile users. What this means is that when people search for something on Google from their phone or tablet, your website will be dropped further down the listings, in favor of websites that are [...]

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What Technology Will You Refuse to Adopt?

My dad never liked personal computers. He was a newspaper guy originally. In the 1970s, he adopted television, and became an avid watcher of local news and 60 Minutes. But as he got older, he abandoned the tube and went back to his newspaper. He died in 2012, never touching a PC or laptop, and never sending a text message. I'm 49 years old now, and I [...]

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Why Blogging Takes Up So Much Time

One the biggest reasons we hear from business people on why they don't blog more often, is that they don't have time. But when we talk to them about it, we find that they're actually spending too much time writing a single blog post. What's going on is that they're worried about getting everything right. That is, they want to make sure they have all the keywords [...]

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Supported Self Publishing Announced!

Too Much Tina officially announced its Supported Self Publishing services today. Authors looking to become self-published can now hire Too Much Tina to help them edit, produce, and market their books. "The author keeps the copyright", says Sash Walker, president of Too Much Tina. "We believe that authors should benefit the most from their work instead of getting only pennies on the dollar from legacy publishing." Too Much [...]

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Why Many Blogs Are Failing Today

More than ever, it seems Internet marketing experts are making bold proclamations that blogging is now dead. You can run a Google search for "blogging is dead" and find hundreds of such articles written within the past 12 months. Interestingly, many of these articles were posted on blogs. So why is blogging dead? The correct question should be, "is blogging actually dead?" The answer is "no". The [...]

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How to Break Out of the Social Media Scroll

We all know about the "social media scroll". It's when you're on break and you're checking LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, et al. And you're just scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, looking for stuff that interests you. So how many people are scrolling past your Facebook post without ever actually seeing it? How much money are you paying to Facebook to promote your post, only to have it fall prey [...]

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How Much to Charge For Your Services

Do you know how much to charge for your services?  Concerned about charging too much or not enough? Here's are tips to help you determine a fair market price... What do you need to earn to cover your expenses?  This should be your first step. What is your competition charging? You can post a question on Reddit by going into the appropriate Subreddit and flat out asking. [...]

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